What is a Smart City?

A smart city uses technology and data to drive economic activity, accelerate innovation and better manage energy, resources and services. But, most importantly, smart cities are people focused. Making a city smarter is all about improving people’s experiences of the city so that it better meets their needs.

A smart city is built on the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next logical step in the Internet revolution, allowing everyday objects – appliances, cars and city infrastructure – to be connected to computer networks.

From environmental monitoring to urban planning, energy management to events and festivals, almost every aspect of the way that a city is run will be affected by IoT technology.

The opportunities are endless and the most exciting applications are yet to be imagined.

A smart city is data & insight driven

Collecting, analysing and intelligently using data is core to the concept of a smart city. With sensors installed in city infrastructure, from traffic lights to rubbish bins, there will be exponential growth in the amount of data generated and stored.

It’s critical, therefore, to use this data to drive real understanding, insight and action, to better manage and plan city resources and services. And by sharing this data in an open way, governments and city councils also create a platform for collaboration and innovation.

Any entrepreneur has the opportunity to create solutions and businesses that leverage rich data assets.

Adelaide – Australia’s leading smart city

Adelaide is well on the way to becoming a leading smart city. With the ground-breaking gig-city investment, AdelaideFree Wi-Fi networkTen Gigabit Adelaide, a world class reputation as a learning city and an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is sparking with potential, we have all the elements for success.

International tech company Cisco recognised Adelaide’s potential when it made us Australia’s, and the Southern Hemisphere’s, first Lighthouse City in 2015.

A Smarter, Better Connected City

The Internet of Things is potentially the biggest business opportunity in the history of mankind. It will change the world with extraordinary and wide-ranging implications, affecting everyone on the planet.

Dr. Plamen Nedeltchev Ph.D. - Lead Architect of IoT, Cisco

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